Legs Of Steel Blog: Das Vars


Der LOS Filmer David Peacock berichtet wie üblich bei uns von dem nächsten Stop der Legs Of Steel Filmreise um die Welt. Für alles weitere schneit rein unter


„La France…the land of endless baguettes, hors d’oeuvres buffets, and sunshine. Last week we decided to head as far south as competence allowed, eventually resting in Vars. The town of Mont-Dauphin served as our home base, a short drive from the resort’s slopes and home to the charming Hotel Lacour. With almost endless bluebird skies in the forecast we put our heads down and opened our eyes to the slackcountry paradise of France.


Andre surveying the scene in the historic site of Mont Dauphin.

Our team was the definition of „all-time“. With Paddy Graham pitching, we had Bene Mayr at shortstop and Oscar Scherlin playing first base (a defensive trio the Yankees would be jealous of). Spitting in the dugout was Andre Nutini, while Pally Learmond watched from the press box. After a successful inning scouting the other teams best players (aka looking for jump spots) it was our turn to bat. Paddy Graham led us off with a base hit switch 5, and things got crazy from there. Home runs, groundouts, stolen bases, Fenway hot dogs, you name it, we did it. But you’re probably bored of this meandering baseball narrative so I’ll get to the point…things in Vars were awesome.


Andre’s turn to pitch a snowball to make sure the jump actually make sense.


Oscar getting up in the camera’s face mid-build with the resort of Vars in the background.

In all we managed to shoot for four full and productive days, with a different setup on each day. The idea behind the shoot was to gain some traction on our backcountry freestyle section and start piecing together the narratives of struggle and success that come along with jumping in Europe. Two stepdowns, a stepover and a hip made the basis for our attempt at doing so, while the antics of our favourite Swede, Oscar, kept us all entertained.


Paddy giving insight to the others on his last hit…

Leaving Vars with stoke, shots, and smiles on our last day was an awesome end to a productive trip and keeps the fire burning for the next one. Speaking of fire, my arms look like lobsters claws thanks to an ambitious shirt program under that blazing ball of heat in the sky, but what can you do…live and learn. On to the next one…


Oscar’s face makes it seem worse than it was. Good times in France!


Dave Peacock



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