Bertha – Teaser eines Plastikmatten Skifilmes

 Sm914 Media stellen „Bertha“ vor, ihr Plasikmatten Skifahr Film dropt Ende August 2013! Der Film wird zum free Download hier zu finden sein:

Von Plasikmatten haben wir keine Ahnung deshalb lassen wir sie auf Geheimsprache selbst zu Wort kommen:

„This is our first ever full length non profit ski movie, based around a rider built dry ski slope located in Stoke-on-Trent, in the centre of the United kingdom. The film will give you an insight into the world of dry slope skiers at Stoke where the UK scene began many years ago.

In the summer of 2011 a group of riders including myself came together to create something truly magnificent that had never been done before in terms of a UK dry slope feature, also considering the fact that next to none of us had any building experience on this scale. So a group of dry slope riders came together with nothing but a dream and created some thing never thought possible. We built one of the world’s biggest dry slope dendix jumps with very little budget, working with all that we had. After much hard work through the summer we had what we’d been waiting for. Stoke Ski Centre was back on the map. The film is all about the aftermath of the development and the development of the local riders with the better facilities.“

In Association With:
Stoke Ski Centre (
Remote Clothing (

Josh Fawcett
Ollie Powell
Tom James
Rob Hackney
and friends…

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