Teaser: Storm Cycles Season 2 – Railroaded with Amtrak

TJ David hat dies über ihren Railroaded trip zu berichten:

Six skiers, born in and ice snow, are descending from the mountains of their natural habitat. Emerging in a chaotic and unfamiliar environment, the metropolis. The staging ground for those seeking the unique experiences only previously shared by ramblers who have long chased storms from the comfortable shelter of train cars. Sauntering between resort and backcountry locations, these mysterious, enigmatic, migratory drifters have inspired a new generation of ski traveler who are now embarking on a similar journey as those who have come before them. In search of deep snow and rich experiences this #Amtrakseason.

Whit Boucher
Caleb Brown
Thayne Rich
Hayden Price

TJ David
Trent Bona



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