„Lets’s go get small“ mit Henrik Windstedt & Dave Treadway – FULL MOVIE

Peak Performance präsentiert ‚Let’s Go Get Small‘ mit den beiden Freeskier Pionieren Dave Treadway und Henrik Windstedt.

Wie klein fühlt Ihr Euch, wenn iIhr in den richtig großen Bergen unterwegs seid? Dave Treadway fühlt sich unendlich klein. Deshalb nahm er auch seinen Peak Performance Teamkollegen Hendrik Windstedt mit auf seine Mission den atemberaubendsten Berg in ganz British Columbia zu erobern. Die Idee zu dieser Mission hatte Dave schon vor einigen Jahren als ihm ein alter Freund ein Foto dieses beeindruckenden Berges in die Hand drückte und fragte: „Have you skied this?“



Q&A Lets Go Get Small         

What’s ‚Let´s Go Get Small‘
‚Let’s Go Get Small‘ is a new ski movie soon to be released featuring freeskier Dave Treadway as he, together with Henrik Windstedt, venture way out into the Canadian Coast Range on snowmobiles. Their mission is to explore. To simply see what’s on the other side of the next mountain and to see what’s possible on skis. It’s about pushing limits in order to explore the unexplored, all while feeling really small in the vast territory that surrounds them.

Who came up with the idea for the film?
It all started five years ago when Dave Treadway got a picture from an old time friend. The picture was of Monmouth Mountain with a question: “Have you skied this”? Dave hadn’t, and the idea to go all the way to Monmouth Mountain and ski it was born.

What is Monmouth Mountain?
Monmouth Mountain, commonly known as Mount Monmouth, is one of the principal summits in southern British Columbia, 10 440 feet high. It stands north of Lillooet Icecap between the heads of Chilko Lake and the Taseko Lakes and is an icon mountain in the area. The word is that it has never been skied before ‚Let´s Go Get Small‘.

Why hasn’t anyone skied it?
It’s hard to get to for skiing, a vast territory with at least 100 km on snowmobile and a lot of steep terrain. The glaciers are receding and crevasses are opening up really fast in the area so it’s hard to navigate through. Then it’s a couple of kilometers of ski touring and last, ice climbing with about 200 meters of free fall down. And that’s only the way up.

How come Henrik Windstedt joined?
Both Dave and Henrik are riders in the Peak Performance Ski team, Henrik since 1999 and Dave since 2008. They have been skiing together before and this expedition gave them a perfect opportunity to be adventurous together and simply explore what’s on the other side of the mountain.

Why is the film called ‚Let´s Go Get Small‘?
Dave Treadway often says “Let’s Go Get Small” and with that he means that he often feels very small when he is out in the mountains in those extreme environments where everything around him is so big. It’s not a normal feeling but if we can be comfortable and safe in those environments, it’s really a unique feeling he says. Let’s Go Get Small is what the film is all about. Dave Treadway and Henrik Windstedt are out in the wilderness pushing limits and getting really small, it’s a feeling and a perfect name.

Where is it shot and by whom?
It’s shot on location at Pemberton backcountry, Bridge glacier, Steller Heli skiing, Selkirk Wilderness Skiing and Monashee Powder Snowcats Canada. Fred Arne Wergeland shot it with assistant filmer, Athen Merrick, and he knows Henrik well since he did the documentary on him, Exploded View (2009) a few years back. Fred has also shot two other films together with Peak Performance, Stop Go Stop (2007), and Enjoyable State of Being (2010) so there is a long history of working together. For an expedition like this it’s crucial to have a team that trust each other and knows each other well.

What was the biggest challenge for the team?
The area is remote and the weather conditions can change from one hour to the next. One of the biggest challenges was to figure out the process of how to get to Mount Monmouth by pushing through the hard terrain – old growth forests, oceans of crevassed ice and glaciers, using snow mobiles, ski touring and climbing skills. And of course the challenge in getting down to the bottom and go back again.

Did they have any difficulties on the way out there?
The second day a glacier began to roll a bit steeper than expected and a deep, gaping crevasse running the width of the glacier was discovered. The only thing to do was to go 40 kilometers back to a small shack and stay the night. The following day they found another way, towards another mellow glacier off the other side of an adjacent peak, and could continue towards Mount Monmouth.

How far from civilization was ‚Let´s Go Get Small‘ filmed?
The team went 80 km from Pemberton and then 100 km from the road on sleds. It took 3 days in total to get to Mount Monmouth.

When is ‚Let´s Go Get Small‘ released?
It will be released November 1st. Banff Mountain Film and Book festival starting October 26th have the rights to show it exclusively at the festival so the big launch is planned just after that.

How long did it take to film Lets Go Get Small?
It was shot this year in February and April. All in all it took 12 days to get all the material but the planning for an exhibition like this takes months.

Who did the music?
Bjørnar Johnsen and Herman Christoffersen.

How long is the film?
Its 34 minutes.

What products are used in the film?
Heli Chilkat Jacket and Heli Aero Jacket.



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