Wo treibt es sich im Skigebiet am besten? Die 13 perfekten Spots Schweinskams

sex snow

When it comes to doing a season, there are two things that list very high on every seasonaires’ list: skiing and shagging.

Both can be tricky to complete, thanks to excruciatingly long working hours and the lack of privacy.

“You’re going to have to get creative with your choice of bonking spots…”

If you don’t have the luxury of having a bedroom to yourself, you’re going to have to get creative with your choice of bonking spots….

Here at Mpora, we’ve conceived the most outrageous places you could possible have sex in a ski resort. Why not make it your personal checklist?

Don’t forget to use protection, unless you want to earn yourself the nickname Herpes Harry/Harriet…

1. In a cable car

A cable car company in China were forced to put up this sign up to stop couples for copulating in their cabins…

cable car

2. On a chair lift

Just don’t get stuck Dumb ‘n’ Dumber style…


3. In the lift queue

People have been known to get a bit bored waiting in line during the holiday season…


4. In the chalet store cupboard

Who doesn’t find shagging alongside a mop with a whiff of cleaning products in the air sexy?


4. In the chalet hot tub

Living every chalet bitch’s dream, so long as you don’t have to clean it the next morning.

sex hot tub

5. Off-piste

Use those snowboard boots to your advantage. Just watch out for advance frost bite in your nether regions.

sex off piste man banana

6. In the transfer van

The best form of revenge, if your resort manager is an arse.

sex van

7. In the ski patrol shack

You might get busted… but that just adds to the excitement


8. Inside a piste basher

You can show them who the ultimate piste basher is…

shutterstock_140319478 (1)

9. In the halfpipe

Because you can’t waste an opportunity for some perfect park side pump action

sex halfpipe

10. In a horse drawn sleigh

Who doesn’t want to get sleighed this winter?

sex horse drawn sleigh

11. In the chalet boot room

Privacy among the stinking boots of this week’s Russian oligarch guests. Romantic.


12. Under the table at the Folie Douce

You’ve got to be brave to pull this one off..

snow sex suspicious parents

13. In the fanciest hotel in town

Let’s be honest, you’re not going to pay for a €400 room per night. Sneaking in is the only option…




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